Rosita Extra Virgin Ratfish Liver Oil

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  • Pure: Contains 100% naturally occurring nutrients: vitamins A, D and E, a full spectrum of omega fatty acids and alkylglycerols; no synthetic vitamins.
  • Sustainable: Authentic ratfish are caught on our own fishing boats in Norway.
  • Unprocessed & raw: Oil is quickly and naturally released — without heat, chemicals or mechanics.
  • Benefits: Supports the pineal gland, healthy cholesterol levels, heart health and skin; may ease inflammation and inhibit free radical damage.* Mild taste.



Ever heard of the ratfish? Many people are surprised to learn this beautiful, blue-eyed, spotted fish predates dinosaurs — and that Norwegian Vikings regarded its liver oil as the gold of the ocean!

Our family continues to create ratfish liver oil today, to share its rich, ancient nutrients with people who are passionate about real food supplements.

When you try a bottle, you’ll experience:

  • 100% ratfish liver oil, wild-caught from the pristine Norwegian fjords.
  • Unprocessed, raw and additive-free.
  • A concentration alkylglycerols (biologically active lipids) of up to 33%.
  • Only naturally occurring vitamin A and vitamin D.
  • The powerful antioxidant, alpha-tocopherol (naturally occurring vitamin E).
  • A full spectrum of omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA and DHA.
  • A fresh bottle that lasts, due to the vitamin E profile.
  • Handcrafted in small batches.
  • A mild, buttery taste.

What is Ratfish Liver Oil?

We’re the only company on the market making authentic fresh, wild-caught and raw ratfish liver oil.

If you’re unfamiliar with this supplement, it’s the real oil contained in the cells of fresh liver from the ratfish (Chimaera monstrosa). An ancient, whole food that is straw-colored and gentle in flavor and scent.

Rosita Extra Virgin Ratfish Oil is created using a rare, generations-old technique that naturally releases the oil from the hand-picked livers (using a gentle temperature shift). This can only be accomplished with healthy livers from freshly caught ratfish.

No heat, chemicals, steam, metals or mechanical pressure are ever used in the creation of your oil. You can read more about Rosita’s heat-free and chemical-free patent to purify its oils and preserve their inherent nutrients, here.

This all means your ratfish oil maintains the same form and nutritional composition that nature gave it, without being altered in any way.

Who should consider adding ratfish liver oil to their supplement routine?

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil appeals to a wide variety of health interests:

  • Real foodies searching for a rare and unique nutrient profile.
  • Those looking for a completely natural supplement that’s high in alkylglycerols.*
  • Families with children on the spectrum (especially those with taste sensitivity to fish).*
  • Spiritual people who want mental clarity and to decalcify the pineal gland (third eye), which supports meditation, relaxation and rest.*
  • Anyone striving to improve and support their overall health, including the brain, and immune and circulatory systems.*

Latest ratfish liver oil testing results

Each batch of our ratfish liver oil is third-party tested in a microbiological laboratory and certified to meet strict European regulations for potency and purity.

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